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In The Black Podcast

Jun 26, 2021

This week we discuss how a NY State Trooper involved car crash lead to the death of 11yo Monica Goods, and how that family is pursuing justice.  And we take a look at how the White House is now pushing for the reopening of Civil Rights era cold cases, and what it means for those involved.  All that and much more.

Jun 19, 2021

This week we discuss the shooting incident of six year old Colby Daniels, and ask why there isn't more outcry over this incident.  Juneteenth has now officially been made a national holiday.  Is it time to celebrate? And we tackle why Byron Allen is suing McDonalds for racial discrimination.  All that and much...

Jun 13, 2021

In this episode we discuss the pains of being a caregiver, and the sole provider in a household.  What do those challenges look like? We take a look at Naomi Osaka's decision to drop out of the French Open, and the backlash she has gotten from it.  And as many as 25 states have decided to opt out of providing  the $300...

Jun 5, 2021

In this episode we discuss how after 20 years, Kwame Brown has decided to fire back at all his detractors.  Are his comments justified?  We ask; how is it possible that Soulja Boy can sell his tweets for $1300 dollars a piece?  And Samaria Rice (mother of Tamir Rice) speaks out about the Black Lives Matter Global...